Each module includes a brief summary sheet, videos, and transcript Notes. To view the videos, download and save the files to your computer and then open the files to view. Several plugins are required to view the content of the Video presentations:

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Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

  • Brief Summary
  • Part I : Hypothesis Testing: Notes
  • Part II: Confidence Intervals and Estimation: Notes
  • Part III: Superiority, Non-inferiority, Equivalence Hypotheses: Notes
  • Part IV: Statistical Analysis Methods: Notes

Module 4

  • Brief Summary
  • Part I : Screening Program Components: Notes
  • Part II: Sensitivity, Specificity, Likelihood Ratios: Notes
  • Part III: ROC, Positive and Negative Predictive Values: Notes
  • Part IV: Bias in Screening Assessments: Notes

Module 5

  • Brief Summary
  • Part I : Cohort, Case-control, Cross-sectional Designs: Notes
  • Part II: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis: Notes
  • Part III : Meta-analysis Example: Notes

Module 6

  • Brief Summary
  • Part I: Clinical Trial Overview: Notes
  • Part II: Phase III Clinical Trials Methods: Notes
  • Part III: Sample Size Justification: Notes

Module 7

  • Brief Summary
  • Part I: Risk Ratio, Incidence Rate Ratio: Notes
  • Part II: Odds Ratio, Prevalence Proportion Ratio: Notes
  • Part III :Attributable Risk: Notes

Module 8