OSCTR Community-Engaged Research Exploratory (CERE) Awards

This program is intended to support community engagement to develop funded research partnerships. Funds can be used for research development activities, including convening partners, working with individuals pursuing related work, and conducting needs assessments in community settings. The funds cannot be used to support actual human-subjects research protocols, which can be funded under other OSCTR pilot research programs and/or external funding.

The application should include a 2-page letter from the primary applicant (either a community agency or an academic researcher) describing the collaboration, the contributions the proposed work will make to a successful research partnership, and a line item budget. Budget requests are expected to be $5,000-$10,000. A separate letter of support from the academic or community partner indicating their agreement with the proposed activities should also be included. Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Please submit proposals by email to osctr@ouhsc.edu.

Interested applicants can discuss their proposal, eligibility, allowable budget items, and available funding by contacting the OSCTR staff at osctr@ouhsc.edu or calling 405-271-3480.