Community Engagement & Outreach



The Community Engagement Core focuses on enhancing relationships and communication between researchers and clinicians, policy makers, and communities; developing a primary health care extension system through which innovations can be more effectively disseminated and implemented; strengthening practice- and community-based research; encouraging translation of potentially impactful discoveries into useful innovations; and helping other IDeA states develop similar programs and approaches.

State Hub

The Public Health Institute of Oklahoma(PHIO) is a non-profit organization established in 2004 to “promote health through collaboration among government, academia, and communities.”

Regional Extension Centers

The four regional AHECs will become expert in primary care quality improvement methods and will hire, deploy and supervise practice facilitators (PFs) who will work with primary care practices in each county.

County Health Improvement Organizations (CHIOs)

A certification program offered by PHIO will strengthen and increase the visibility of existing Turning Point Partnerships and/or other community-based coalitions by helping them to become non-profitorganizations, putting them in a better position to attract both public and private funding.



Facilities & Resources

Just as Cooperative Extension dramatically improved food production and distribution, the primary healthcare extension system (PHES) is expected to improve the quality of primary health care available to Oklahomans, reduce the cost of care and health insurance premiums, and improve the health of the population.


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Julie Stoner
Paul Spicer, PhD
Community Engagement and Outreach Directors
Mark Doescher, MD, MSPH
Community Engagement and Outreach Directors