We wanted to let OSCTR investigators know a bit more about some of our ongoing infrastructure development projects so you can provide additional feedback on what capabilities and resources you believe would best facilitate your research endeavors.  

Gateway to Research in Oklahoma (GRO) will provide a single point of entry for researchers, healthcare professionals, clinical research staff and patients to learn about and become involved in clinical and translational research in Oklahoma (Figure 2). GRO will provide resources to help train healthcare providers on conducting clinical research, engage them in identifying patients for clinical trial participation, and educate them on research results and implementation of evidence-based practices. For patients, GRO will introduce clinical trial/research participation, provide trustworthy resources for health information, and share research stories. For researchers, this portal consolidates several resources developed with OSCTR support, expands our capability for dissemination and implementation research, and enhances our ability to share research results back to ourcommunity partners and research participants.

     The GRO Portal consolidates OSCTR activities to expand the capabilities and usefulness of our research navigator service to help investigators identify and gain access to the appropriate Core resources, connect researchers together, and navigate administrative layers related to regulatory issues and funding. GRO will provide a cohesive service and a cooperative learning environment for researchers and research administrative staff. The portal will link investigators to resources developed with OSCTR support, as well as services provided by OSCTR partner institutions and other IDeA-supported resources across Oklahoma. You can see some of the planned activities in this figure:


You can see different versions of the live development of this site at http://gro.osctr.info    and  http://gro8.osctr.info

If you have suggestions, please let us know at osctr@ouhsc.edu.