Julie Stoner, PhD, Director, Consultative and Collaborative Unit

  • Expertise:  design and analysis of clinical trials, systematic review and meta-analysis, analysis of cluster-correlated and longitudinal data
  • Areas of Interest:  diabetes, cardiovascular disease, oral health


David Thompson, PhD, Director, Training Unit

  • Expertise:  longitudinal data, clinical epidemiology and clinical decision-making
  • Areas of Interest:  neurology, pediatrics,  physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical therapy


Hélène Carabin, PhD, DVM, Director, Novel Methodologies Unit

  • Expertise:  epidemiology of infectious disease, group-randomized trials, analysis of hierarchical data, epidemiologic methods
  • Areas of Interest:  international health, zoonoses


Christopher Aston, PhD, Faculty Biostatistician

  • Expertise:  statistical methods in the analysis of genetic epidemiology studies, clinical trials
  • Areas of Interest:  diabetes, genetics


Courtney Montgomery, PhD, Faculty Genetic and Molecular Epidemiologist

  • Expertise:  identification of genetic and environmental causes of complex disease, including the design, implementation and analysis of genetic and genomic data; high-dimension data analysis of biological and clinical systems
  • Areas of Interest:  autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, relationship between environmental triggers and genes specifically with respect to innate and adaptive immunity


Jennifer Peck, PhD, Faculty Epidemiologist

  • Expertise:  reproductive and perinatal epidemiology, observational study design and analysis
  • Areas of Interest: gestational diabetes, pregnancy outcomes, infertility, environmental exposures to endocrine disrupting compounds


Sixia Chen, PhD, Faculty Biostatistician

  • Expertise:  survey sampling methods, missing data methods, propensity score modeling
  • Areas of Interest:population and public health assessment, analysis of national health survey data


Jonathan Wren, PhD, Faculty Geneticist/Informatics

  • Expertise:  bioinformatics, genomic analysis, transcriptional analysis (microarray/RNAseq), text mining
  • Areas of Interest:  predicting function, phenotype and disease relevance for uncharacterized genes and non-coding RNAs; knowledge discovery; biomarker identification and prioritization


Daniel Zhao, PhD, Faculty Biostatistician

  • Expertise:  clinical trials, animal studies
  • Areas of Interest:  oncology, rheumatology, diabetes, basic science


Tabitha Garwe,Phd, Faculty Epidemiologist

  • Expertise:  clinical epidemiological methods, quantitative epidemiological methods
  • Areas of Interest:  geriatric trauma, injury epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology

Toby Hamilton, PhD, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA, Faculty Qualitative Methodologist

  • Expertise:  qualitative research methods, narrative summary
  • Areas of Interest:  process of Occupational Adaptation related to occupational performance during times of transition; personal narratives of life, health, illness, and effects on performance of everyday activities; study of Occupational Adaptation in the reentry of ex-offenders to communities


Ying Zhang, MD, PhD, Faculty Biostatistician

  • Expertise:  longitudinal data analysis, multilevel modeling, quantitative epidemiological methods
  • Areas of Interest:  epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, genetic epidemiology of chronic disease with an emphasis on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity




Pravina Kota, MS, MBA, Senior Systems Analyst

  • Expertise:  database development and administration, programming, data reporting, public health program evaluation
  • Areas of Interest:  health care informatics, project management, business analytics


Ji Li, MS, Research Biostatistician 

  • Expertise: analysis of longitudinal data, survival data analysis, and structural equation modeling
  • Areas of Interest: oral health, behavioral science, influenza


Lindsay Boeckman, MS, Research Biostatistician 

  • Expertise: SAS programming and automated report generation, public health program evaluation, database integration
  • Areas of Interest: oral health, tobacco cessation and control


Thomas Wilson, MPH, Sponsored Program Coordinator 

  • Expertise: REDCap database administration and programming
  • Areas of Interest: pediatrics


Sydney Martinez, MPH, Research Project Coordinator and Evaluator

  • Expertise: evaluation, survey development and data analysis, qualitative data analysis
  • Areas of Interest:  tobacco control, physical activity and nutrition, health disparities, community-based prevention programs


Student Graduate Research Assistants

Xi Chen, MD