The ASA Oklahoma Chapter is happy to be hosting the 2017 ASA Traveling course entitled

“Quantile Regression in Practice”

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  • When:  March 31, 2017    11am-4pm (12:30-1:30 lunch included in registration)

    Where: The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Campus

    College of Health Building (First Floor Auditorium)

    801 NE 13th Street

    Oklahoma City, OK 73104

    Instructor: This half-day course will be presented by Dr. Yonggang Yao, principle research statistician developer at SAS®.  His research interests are in applications on quantile regression, robust regression, and statistical learning. He has developed two SAS procedures, PROC QUANTSELECT and PROC HPQUANTSELECT and is also the key supporting developer for two other SAS procedures, PROC QUANTREG for quantile regression and PROC ROBUSTREG for robust regression.

    Topic:  Quantile regression is a modern statistical methodology for modeling quantiles, such as the median and the 5th and 95th percentiles. Accordingly, you can use quantile regression to study covariate-adjusted high or low-end responses without making assumptions about distribution profiles. Quantile regression is particularly useful when your data are heterogeneous, or when you cannot assume a parametric distribution for the response. Common application areas for quantile regression include market analysis, economics, environmental studies, and health science.

    This tutorial provides an overview quantile regression methodology, with carefully chosen examples from a variety of fields, including treatment effect analysis, uncertainty measurement, value-at-risk analysis, and extreme value analysis. The presentation is appropriate for data analysts and statisticians who are interested in more flexible methods for heterogeneous data analysis. Familiarity with linear regression, histograms, and basic distribution functions is assumed.

    Registration:  Early online registration ( will run through March 27, 2017 with registration fees as follows:

    Student Chapter Member          $10.00

    Student Nonmember/Retiree    $25.00

    Regular Chapter Member          $50.00

    Regular Nonmember                 $60.00

    Late registration (after March 27) and onsite registration will be available for an additional $5 charge for member registrations and $10 nonmember registration.

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